Krea is a lifestyle brand, that embodies “fulfilled living” celebrating life by embracing a natural and healthy way of living.

Skipping back a few generations to an era where “organic “was not referred to as an option but a rather obvious and fundamental choice of living.

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Krea - Burger Spice 50g

HOW TO USE1 kg chicken fillets/mince1 Tbs @krea_sa burger spice2 Tsp freshly minced garlic1 egg ( if..

R106.99 Ex Tax: R106.99

Krea - Chaat Masala 50g

HOW TO USEOne of our favourite things about Indo/Pak cuisine is its fantastic range of street food f..

R106.99 Ex Tax: R106.99

Krea - Chilli Oil 50g

Infused with a rich aroma , our homemade chilli oil promises to deliver delicious flavour and authen..

R175.00 Ex Tax: R175.00

Krea - Coconut Sweet Chilli Sauce 250ml

Coconut sweet chili sauce is the perfect homemade hot sauce, expertly combining tangy-sweet flavors ..

R193.99 Ex Tax: R193.99